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Joven muestra a través de fotos en Instagram su dura lucha contra la anorexia

Lleva una década tratando de superar esta enfermedad, que la ha tenido internada en tres ocasiones. 

La lucha de Connie Inglis contra la anorexia no ha sido fácil. La joven originaria de Leeds, en el Reino Unido, lleva diez años tratando de superar este trastorno alimenticio y desde hace solo uno que ha comenzado a ver resultados, lo que decidió compartir a través de las redes sociales. Como ella misma dice, está consiguiendo salir de la enfermedad, y al publicar su proceso durante los último 12 meses, quiere demostrarle a otras chicas que padecen lo mismo, que sí es posible superar la anorexia.

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Para esto ha publicado una serie de fotos en su cuenta de Instagram, en las que se puede ver su avance. Sin duda el cambio físico de Inglis es impresionantemente positivo, como se puede ver sobre todo en una actual y otra de hace un año, donde aparece prácticamente en los huesos.


January 23rd 2016- January 23rd 2017 ? ? Firstly I want to say this is not a look how skinny I was or look how well I've done post. This is to hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again!!! ? ? Secondly you do not have to be this shape, size colour or gender for your struggles to matter! You are always deserving of help if you are struggling!!! ? ? It's a year ago today since I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was so ill I was doing everything I could think of to not take in ANYTHING. I had given up. My eating disorder had taken over and I wanted to die. So I was sectioned and forced to get better. I was put on an ng tube. I was forced to watch as the scale went up every week and I could do nothing about it. (Not that I didn't try) I hated everyone who put me through that! I was on drugs that put me out so I wouldn't hurt myself or anyone else. This time last year I was a mess. ? But the people I loved stayed by me. My best friends and my boyfriend came to see me all the time and my parents where there every day. They where there to remind me to try. So I did. Eventually I asked my boyfriend if it was ok if I ate, he told me I should. For the first time in my life I realised that I loved these people more than my ed. so I fought, I fought like hell!!! ? ? I'm not telling you this for sympathy or to diminish anyone's struggles, (everyone's struggle is valid!!! No matter how long it takes!!) I was in this for 10 years before I got out. But I want you to know that it is possible!!!!! No not all my problems have gone away. Yes I still have the thoughts. But I am strong enough now to resist! Keep going! You can get through this hell and I will be with you every step of the way!!! We can do this together!!!! ??? (I don't want to answer any questions about weight) #positivebeatsperfect

Una foto publicada por Connie?? (@my_life_without_ana) el 23 de Ene de 2017 a la(s) 11:11 PST

La joven explicó al diario Daily Mail que fue hace una década que comenzó a sufrir el trastorno alimenticio, tiempo en el cual ha estado tres veces internada en el hospital. En la última ocasión se dio cuenta que estaba tocando fondo: "me había rendido. Mi desorden alimenticio había tomado el control y quería morir", relató.


IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK!!!!!! ??? When your feeling crappy remember that you are SASSY!!! Yeah so I've had a hard day today. I've done some incredible things, had sushi with my friend, went back to uni, had drinks with a friend… but you know when you just focus on the negatives?! Yeah well that happened. I spent a good hour crying in the centre of town, surrounded by protesters because my mind jumped to conclusions again. And to be honest I think everyone does this! Not just people with anxiety and depression… you know, when you have a good cry because you think someone they love is annoyed at you or even hates you. But when you calm down, take a step away from the situation and think, you realise it wasn't anyone's fault. And your ok. And to be honest you'll always have someone there to hug you! Someone to give you some love! (Even if it is a virtual hug from me!! ??? with added unicorn obviously ?) But yeah I just want you to know that even if your not ok today. Even if your crying in a room full of people feeling alone. You will be ok!! Focus on the positives. Focus on things you love Focus on what's going to make you feel better (mines pizza and cuddles with my boyfriend) Focus on the people who will be there no matter what! (If you don't have those it's ok! I'll be here) Focus on your family The people you love Work Uni Food Clothes Drawing ANYTHING!!! You can get through this!! And until you can… just remember YOU ARE A SASS QUEEN (or King) AND I LOVE YOU!!! ??? #positivebeatsperfect Una foto publicada por Connie?? (@my_life_without_ana) el 30 de Ene de 2017 a la(s) 1:36 PST

Tras unos meses muy difíciles, a finales de mayo del 2016 recibió el alta y desde entonces asesora a otras chicas que están en su misma situación. Aunque confiesa que todavía tiene pensamientos negativos, sigue luchando para no volver a caer, y seguir mostrando que todo es posible, hasta vencer la anorexia.

Fotos: Instagram.

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