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La joven que cambió su cuerpo al pasar de cardio a pesas en el gym

La británica Rebecca Catherine Smith abrió el debate entre los que prefieren trabajo aeróbico y los que apoyan el uso de pesas.

La británica Rebecca Catherine Smith abrió el debate entre los que prefieren trabajo aeróbico y los que apoyan el uso de pesas.

Rebecca Catherine Smith es una chica británica que ha llamado la atención de las redes sociales tras dar a conocer los cambios que tuvo su cuerpo luego que cambiar el trabajo aeróbico al uso de pesas en el gimnasio.


LIFTING MAKES YOU MANLY?! – It infuriates me how still so many girls think the second you pick up a dumbbell or protein shake you'll suddenly become the hulk?? changing my training from cardio to weights changed me completely inside & out and each to their own but I personally don't think I've made my body look at all manly in my past year and a bit of weight training! Here are my 3 main reasons for girls to start lifting ? – 1. Building strength & muscles: Lifting builds on a woman's natural curves and helps your body be the strongest it can. Ripped abs, sexy strong back, shoulder boulders & a curvy behind alll come from lifting ? #strongnotskinny – 2. Loosing that extra body fat: my body fat % saw a MASSIVE fall when I began lifting because as your muscle mass INCREASES your metabolism INCREASES. Before I would spend hours on cardio machines thinking that will get rid of fat but never saw any results and just made me HATE going to the gym, and if you feel like your in that boat now then change it up now! – 3. Healthy relationship with food & body image: when your doing cardio in order to burn 'calories' it's so easy to look at food as numbers and end up feeling guilty for eating too much and feeling like you HAVE to restrict yourself to see results, well that's just not the case at all. Starting weight training made me realise food is fuel and I need LOTS of it to get the best out of my training ? the amount I eat has honestly trebled since I picked up lifting and I absolutely love it ? there's no restricting and there's no guilt in indulging in treats once in a while because what better way to fuel a sesh ?? – Rant over if this convinces one girl to try out weight training mission complete but I wanna see MORE GIRLS in the weights section and get rid of the association that it's just for boys because it's not #gainingweightiscool #StrengthFeed #transformationthursday??

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En su cuenta de Instagram subió una fotografía donde se ve el antes y después en su cuerpo. "Pasar mi entrenamiento de cardio a peso me cambió completamente por dentro y por fuera", escribió en la publicación que hasta el momento ya suma más de más de 16 mil likes y cerca de 600 comentarios.


Different kinda transformation coming at you today by jumping on the #gainingweightiscool bandwagon ?? was hesitant to post as this isn't really the transformation you usually see but I think it's super important to be honest with u guys about where I'm at at the momento ????? 7 countries, 9 cities, 4 flights and 182638272 beers later my abs are literally clinging on for dear life? I've definitely had my fare share of indulging in amazing foods from all over the world and days on end with zero exercise and been slowly getting back into it over the past month. – There's no doubt many of u guys are in the same boat at the moment, yeah I was fairly lean and had visible abs but I've enjoyed myself especially while being on holiday and used it as a way to start my bulk (abt 6 weeks ago) since I have the extra energy anyway, and I've found my performance in the gym is better than ever, I'm finally seeing some strength improvements in my upper body which I have struggled with for ages and I'm loving eating EVERYTHING – If like me it may seem that you've had 'backwards progress' don't look at it that way look at it as using allll that extra energy to smash some sessions and make some major gains? – LOVING the bulk life, don't know why it took me so long to start one, and there's more too life than abs, and that's a bulking bum? (I'm joking (kindof lol)) #transformationtuesday #iknowitsnottuesdaylol #StrengthFeed

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Muchos usuarios la felicitaron por su cambio físico y apoyan que las mujeres también tomen las pesas, algo que generalmente está más asociado a los hombres. "Me enfurece que muchas chicas consideren que por levantar una mancuerna se convertirán en machos", dice Rebecca.

La joven defiende el ejercicio con pesas, ya que según su propia experiencia, acentúa las curvas naturales de la mujer y ayuda a que su cuerpo sea lo más fuerte posible. Además se pierde grasa adicional al cuerpo.

"Mi porcentaje de grasa vio una masiva caída cuando comencé a levantar pesas, puesto que al aumentar la masa del músculo el metabolismo comienza a trabajar más rápido", asegura.


hi hello #transformationtuesday time! Cardio & calorie restriction VS Weight training & all da food? We all have those days where we feel like we've made no progress and just wasting our time??, and a lot of girls tell me they often feel like that and it can be SO demotivating, so wanted to look back on how I actually have changed in the past 2 years or so. Appart from the fact that that's the most tragic photo of me on the left? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with my body! And even tho there's not a massive difference putting them side by side makes me realise I'm not wasting my time & the work I put in does pay off.. But more importantly than what it looks like the main difference is how mentally stronger, happier, healthier & more confident I am on the right!! Changing up the way I train & the way I look at nutrition has helped me in a million more ways than what's seen to eye & I now will not stop preaching the importance of nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs and most importantly ENOUGH of those nutrients because food is ur friend and depriving yourself will get you nowhere? stop slaving away trying to burn 'calories' on the treadmill and start to build your body to be the strongest it can be! Do what u love & love what u do #StrengthFeed #rantover

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Sin embargo, la publicación de Rebecca no estuvo exenta de debate, ya que a la discusión salieron los defensores del cardio. "Los programas cardio son ideales para cualquier persona porque mejora tu salud cardiovascular, a la vez que crea resistencia, flexibilidad y puede permitir un déficit calórico en el que se pierde el peso", escribió un usuario.

Además aseguran que es mucho más complejo que publicar una imagen de cardio vs. peso. Algo se coincide con los expertos, quienes aseguran que para que un entrenamiento sea efectivo tiene que ser integral, es decir, una mezcla entre cardio y peso.

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